Vintage Drums Legendary Sounds Issue 3

Vintage Drums Legendary Sounds Issue 3
ヴィンテージ・ドラムス・レジェンダリー・サウンズ No.3




Issue 3 : 掲載内容
Enjoying The Ride : John DeChristopher talks about his relationship with Charlie Watts, as well as cymbal
choice and how his drumming has inspired him
Bangernomics : Mikey Sorbello of The Graveltones, discuses some of the variable that determine his
favourite snare drums
Holy Grail Snare Drums : Chris Ardoin shares a stunning late 1920s Leedy snare drum with us
Sonor Breakfast Club: Jan Palkoska has breakfast with 4 ex Sonor employees and talks about their careers
Leedy & Ludwig Victory : Joe Mekler continues with his series on drums that were manufactured during
the WWII era
Classic Tracks : John Densmore discuses recording L.A.Woman
Ludwig Jazzette : Antonio Di Lorenzo shares his knowledge on the Ludwig Jazzette drum sets from the
Ronnie Verrel : Louis Barfe reflects on the career of one of the UK's most prolific drummers in the late
1950s through the 1970s
Celebrity Snare : Ronnie Verrell's Slingerland Spitfire snare drum used on the Animal vs. Buddy Rich drum
battle, 1981
Rip Blaby Road : Mike Ellis tells us the story behind the Premier Drum Company's famous factory, and its
sad demise late 2017
Chris Whitten : Chris Whitten talks about his journey from music college to becoming a top session
The Sound Of Silents(Part 2) : Kelli Rae Tubbs concludes her interview with William Ludwig III
Drum Corner : David Frangioni, talks about infatuation with one kit, which defies explanation, but provides
pure inspiration
Clem Burke : Nick Hopkin Talks to Iconic drummer Clem Burke, more than just the man driving the neat
behind Blondie.
Desert Island Drums : Franklin Vanderbilt(Lenny Kravitz) tells us what snare drum he'd take to a Desert
The Drum Librarians : What goes intro recording great drum sample libraries with Iconic drummer Chris
Whitten and Legendary Producer Peter Henderson