Vintage Drums Legendary Sounds Issue 2

Vintage Drums Legendary Sounds Issue 2
ヴィンテージ・ドラムス・レジェンダリー・サウンズ No.2




Issue 2 : 掲載内容
Enjoy The Ride : A career in the Drum industry with John DeChristopher
Review : Simon John's Vintage Drum Show
Restoration Feature : Reconstruction of Bill Crowden's WFL Field Drum w/Cecil Strupe Tuning System
Bangernomics : Mikey Sorbello of The Graveltones discuses his Bangernomics theory
Classic Tracks : Andy Newmark shares his memories of the session for 'You're so vain' by Carly Simon
Feeding Addiction : The drum collecting bug by Jeff Burke
Frangioni Foundation Drum Corner : Van Helen 1980 'Invasion' kit
Desert Island Drums : Featuring Kasabian drummer Ian Mathews
Restore Refit Recycle Retrofit : By Mike Ellis
Carmine Appece : Intaview with one of Rock's most iconic drummers
Modern Vintage : Mike Ellis takes a look inside British Drum Co.
Adrian Kirchler : Interview with the founder of AK Drums
Holy Grail Snare Drums : 1929-1930 Ludwig Standard-Sensitive Model Snare
The Sound Of Silents : Kelli Rae Tubes talks to Bill Ludwig III
Ludwig Speed KIng : Probably the world's most g\famous bass drum pedal and how one can improve it!
Ready Steady Go! : Dougie Wright - Memories of an English session drummer in he 1960s
Collectors Eye Candy : Bob Reid shares a story about discovering rare drum catalogues
The UK Drum Show : A look inside the British Icons room by Nick Hopkin