Vintage Drums Legendary Sounds Issue 1

Vintage Drums Legendary Sounds Issue 1
ヴィンテージ・ドラムス・レジェンダリー・サウンズ No.1




Issue 1掲載内容
Clem Cattini : Interview with the iconic British Drummer
Restoration Feature : 1923-1925 Leedy Multi-Model Field Snare Mystery
Hal Blame : An intaview with the most recorded drummer of all time
Most recorded snare of all time : Nick Hopkin discuses the Ludwig Supraphonic 400
Desert Island Drums : Featureing Iconic drummer Steve White
Classic Tracks : Sean Moore on recording Manic Street Preachers ' A Design for Life'
Feeding The Addiction : The drums collecting bug by Jeff Burke
In Praise Of Drum Badges : Negel Constable discuses vintage drum badges
Premier Drums And The Birth Of Heavy Metal
Mix It Up : Mike Ellis talks about building a 'Bista' kit out of vintage orphan drums
The Camco Experience : #453 Snare Drum by Daniel Schwarz
Drum Company Feature : Eddie Haynes and Gareth Heeley talk ProMuCo Drum Co.
Recirding Vuntage Drums : In this Issue we look at recording bass drums.
Holly Grail Snare Drums : Slingerland 1930's Black Beauty by David Brown
Cymbal Company : Intaview with the late cymbal Artisan Rebert Spizzchino
WFL Victorious : Joe Mekkler shares his knowledge of these great wartime drums
What A Score! : Richard King shares memories of a great drum haul in the early 1980's
My Favourite Kit : LAck McFeeters shares his 1960's Rogers drum kit with us
Ringo's Missing 1960's Premier Drum Set : by Gary Astrige